Cell Phone Forensics

Cell Phone Forensics

Cell phone forensics evidence tell you a complete story. Recent times have shown that from international standards to Chinese smartphone devices are increasing to perform data storage to overall capabilities for the end-user, making it a perfect reason and tendency for any malware attacks on your cell phone which calls for a cell phone forensics to the rescue. Chinese or non-standard mobile devices pose a big threat to forensic investigators. Attainment and investigation of such mobile devices are very difficult due to their custom designed operating system which is the biggest threat to data security. Indiebim cellphone forensic services provides a comprehensive electronic report for any Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or any smartphone mobiles and devices.

Cell phone forensics service involves a great deal of skill analysis involved in correctly producing a map and forming conclusions. Indiebim TSCM experts provide cellphone forensics services for the detection of malware/spyware on mobile

devices, and/or when a comprehensive report of the contents of the mobile device is needed. We preserve, extract, analyse, and report the electronic data retrieved from cell phone devices for use in criminal, civil, corporate, and legal assistance matters. Indiebim cell phone forensics service detects malware (including spyware, viruses, keyloggers and other malicious payloads) on cellphone and other mobile devices. If malware is present, the date, time, and the mode of entry on the device can be provided.

Indiebim Cell Phone Forensics Service provides a comprehensive report which includes the following:

•  SMS and MMS.

•  Emails.

•  Call History.

•  Contacts & Phone Numbers on a mobile device.

•  Calendar Information.

•  Locations based on Wi-Fi, cell towers and GPS coordinates

•  Photos & Videos with Audio Files.

•  Browsing History.

•  Chats.

•  Applications.

•  Deleted/Undeleted & overwritten content in mobile memory.

Cell Phone Forensics

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We provide professional Cell phone forensics services for corporations, businesses, government agencies and non-profits. Our highly trained skilled Cell phone forensics specialists use the most advanced TSCM equipment available. In fact, our equipment and expertise set us apart from other service providers in India.

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