Cyber TSCM Services

Cyber TSCM Services

A Cyber TSCM service is utilized for the detection of eavesdropping devices on cellular, Bluetooth, wi-fi, digital phone systems, computer systems, and cybersecurity threats. It also includes the detection of spyware, malware, and malicious payloads via software installed on the devices &/or networks. As well, it includes the detection of hybrid eavesdropping devices.

The number of cyber-attacks has gathered pace over the past few years and many are being used for eavesdropping purposes. Data is constantly moving around devices and networks in which we have WI-FI cameras, smart assistants like Alexa, children’s toys, and office equipment that use the Internet of things (IOT) protocols without proper security an attacker can exploit these devices, networks and their connections. Attackers could have added keyloggers to laptops and desktops, or tampered with network cabling, panel patches, switches or even the servers themselves. It is imperative that organizations consider both traditional eavesdropping attacks and cyber-attack techniques if they are to protect their most sensitive information from illicit eavesdropping.

Indiebim Cyber TSCM Services include the following:

•  Bluetooth: Bluetooth signals are captured, analyzed and located.

•  WI-FI: WI-FI signals are captured, analyzed and located.

•  DECT: DECT signals are captured, analyzed and located.

•  GSM: GSM Signals are detected analyzed and located also all GSM towers are analyzed for fake towers and IMSIE catchers.

•  Ensure right advice, recommendations and mitigation strategies.

•  Our Cyber TSCM Services detect active & passive, internal and external threats.

Cyber TSCM Services

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We provide professional Cyber TSCM services for corporations, businesses, government agencies and non-profits. Our highly trained skilled Cyber TSCM specialists use the most advanced TSCM equipment available. In fact, our equipment and expertise set us apart from other service providers in India. Indiebim is a top-rated business Cyber TSCM provider.

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