1. What are our Debugging Services?

The experts in our debugging services possess sound knowledge and skills to counter such problems comprehensively in order to ensure security to everything valuable to you. Technology spews new devices, systems and surveillance equipment that are posing threat to your privacy/ information or business. Our team is equipped with debugging and detecting systems that detect such hidden devices and neutralise these threat.

2. What are our expert bug sweep services—India?

The bug sweep services offered by MASS are the best in the industry. The bug detection cost, TSCM price, or bug sweep cost is an investment that gives you peace of mind and guaranteed protection. When you decide to bug sweep with us, you can make a good investment, protection and convert that into an AMC. We respond to any location anywhere in India.

3. What are Bugging Devices? Its importance and critical use?

There are various types of audio bugs (hard wire, radio frequency, optical and acoustic). More often than not a combination of these is used as a hybrid bug. 'Acoustic' bugging is the direct listening without any RF or hardwire transmission system, such as, stethoscopes, wall contact microphones or even a glass on the wall, shotgun microphone or parabolic reflectors. A variation of this is the sound picked up and converted to a frequency outside the human hearing range in the ultrasonic spectrum then amplified. This can be listened to with a suitable ultrasonic listening device from a distance away.

4. What are our technical surveillance counter measure services?

When under threat from technical surveillance it is extremely difficult to detect such a threat. If such an attack has taken place, issuspected, or has to be thwarted, the security executive must know what steps to take and what equipment use.The initial steps in confronting a surveillance problem and protecting information begins with physical security of the facility, surveys of vulnerable points, and what counter measure equipment are needed to tackle this threat and protecting information. Our experts advise on vulnerability assessment, then a counter attack is plannedthen the director must assess who or what is the potential target of attack, how valuable that target is, who is most likely to need that information and what resources they have to launch an attack.

5. What is the need for surveillance?

We are living in an environment that is wired, all the gadgets in our office, home, laptops are interconnected by the internet—we feel safe that we are pass word protected but despite these passwords there are people who are prying upon, you spying upon you and trying all sorts means to get under cover to extract critical, sensitive and important electronic information and signals that will help then steal your valuable data, important information, and many such things that may be inveigled and “sold” to your competitors/data buyers/information miners. To prevent this in a sophisticated manner we need surveillance.

6. What does bugging means?

To electronically pollute a room with the help of spy transmitters or cameras is called bugging. This is the process in which a sophisticated transmitter (chewing gum sized) in embedded deep inside your office, home or vehicle in order to listen to your conversation and is monitored at the receiving end. In this technological age all we have is “sensitive information”. If this “sensitive information” falls into the wrong hands/rivals/competitors/unscrupulous persons with malicious intent, you could be at risk and in dire straits.

7. What does the term “sweeping” or “debugging” stand for?

To electronically clean a room is called sweeping. It is the process in which we make sure whatever is said or discussed in the room, office, and vehicle, a premise, through communication mediums, other electronic or electrical devices is not being compromised or monitored. We thoroughly scan each and every place having a scope for bugging/hidden spyware/electronic surveillance devices that can be installed for such spying purpose.

8. How can one tell he is being monitored or bugged?

It’s not that easy as it may sound but you get a hunch and most of the times we ignore things thinking we are imagining things and we are public. Newer, more technologically-advanced surveillance is significantly harder to detect. This might include shotgun microphones that can pick up your voice from as far as 300 feet away, tiny cameras embedded into walls or electrical fixtures, or audio bugs that are practically invisible to the naked eye. There are, however, some signs to look out for that might indicate you are being spied on.Strange sounds coming out of your electronic devices, any unusual or subtle change in your work day items like desk, bed, sofa, furniture, doors and windows, table, lights, chairs, cupboards, all other such small items, etc. Any unexpected guests or help without being asked at your home or office, any caller asking for your details, physical or electronic stalkers etc. Easy access to your computer and laptop and inclusion or exclusion of few extra things or things that seem odd to you or out of place.

9. What is the time duration for a sweep or to detect a bug?

It depends upon the area and the size of the place and the number of items to be analysed or scanned.

10. What should one do if he suspects of bugging?

First of all consult a professional and seek assistance as it is always better not to take chances. In the meantime be patient and continue you’re routine as normally as possible. Pretend to not know that you are under surveillance or are aware of it happening around you. Avoid discussing relevant and sensitive issues, if it is important discuss it in person far away from your normal surroundings and also not discuss it over the phone. Feed some disinformation that might be make you sure that you are a victim of bugging.

11. What is the percentage of being bugged?

These days with the advancement in technologyand increasing sophistication of spy surveillance systems the percentage has gone up drastically and 6 to 7 cases of bugging out of ten are positive.

12. Why choose TSCM Sweep?

We believe in going the extra mile and giving our best to our clients. Our loyalty towards our clients is paramount and unparalleled. We make sure that our clients understand the nuances of the trade, elaborating each and every aspect related to the counter measures taken by us with full assistance by our representatives pre- sweeping and post-sweeping be it their queries, operations, protection of your information or any other aspect in protecting your safety, property, information/data/trade secrets or anything else for that matter.

13. Who are TSCM Sweep Specialists?

They are the specialists who protecting you, your car, data, office, business premises, manufacturing facilities, trade secrets from being bugged, compromised or being misused.

14. What is bugs sweeping with TSCM?

They are the experts who come in and check out your premises, cars, homes, private jets, data banks, servers, and neutralise the bugging devices and sweep the place clean from intrusive bugs.

15. What are eavesdropping detection solutions from TSCM?

When other people are listening to yourconfidential and sensitive information. We offer professional eavesdropping detection survey services to check and protect offices, boardrooms, telephones and other areas where sensitive discussions are regularly held from illegal eavesdropping. We have a trained technical team with sophisticated equipment for various assignments.We detect and neutralise all eavesdropping devices.

16. What are the services under TSCM corporate espionage detection?

When you feel that something is out of place, there is a gut feeling, a hunch, a suspicion that your corporate affairs are being leaked out, that rivals are trying to be one up on you; then you have at hand TSCM corporate espionage detection team that meticulously nixes the possibilities of such espionage and stems the tide in your favour. All TSCM personnel will be trained to definitely stop corporate espionage.

17. What is the meaning of Counterespionage Investigations for Corporate and Government Agencies?

In this field the first move is the most advantageous. We our personnel step in then they come with intense preparation: a thorough frequency spectrum is recorded both outside and inside. Every possible way of eavesdropping known is extensively checked. We have the equipment, experience, and the knowledge your company or agency is looking for.When given the task, then we have no jurisdictional boundaries within the entire area covered, and we have working professional relationships with associates around the globe. All investigations are followed to the end with utmost confidentiality and counter-measures are places and perfect result delivered.

18. What are counterespionage investigations for individuals?

Trust your instincts. If you feel that you are being spied upon then you have the right to protect yourself. People who spy on you are committing a crime against you from laws which are put in place to protect you. We are concerned for your privacy and safety.
Our help and support to individuals who are being spied upon:
1. Consult with the client to determine if the case is legal, ethical, and possible to solve.
2. Provide an estimated cost for gathering the necessary information.
3. Conduct the TSCM Sweep, with appropriate procedures for gathering evidence that can be presented in court, if that becomes necessary.
4. Analyse the evidence using forensics, if necessary, documentation, and/or acceptable legal procedures.
5. Final report with factual findings is submitted.

19. What is RF Bug Detection?

We detect any hidden audio and video bugs that might be in your home or office with our RF detectors. Quickly and easily ensure your privacy during important meeting and deliberation in bug-free environment.

20. What are the Counter Surveillance measures by TSCM?

If you are under surveillance and you want to protect information or if you feel that you are a victim of illegal eavesdropping then we provide Counter Surveillance. Our counter surveillance expertscan help protect your interests neutralise such threats and ensure you safety and secrecy.

21. Who are the bug detection experts and what is their job?

Feel that you are surrounded by bugs and other electronic voice and motion detection bugs that may compromise your business secrets—then simply get our bug detection team to point out, sweep and clean them out. One shot solution.

22. What are our Anti-Surveillance Services--India?

When data is leaked out, face a corporate takeover threat, face rival tracking you data due to internal leaks in the organisation then our Anti-Surveillance Services check critical chambers like senior management cabins, conference/meeting rooms, board room etc. for presence of electronic eavesdropping devices, to prevent leakage of sensitive information, unauthorized audio or video listening devices, faulty telephone line/instrument and audio leakage, if any.A team of trained and experienced professionals using state-of-the-art detection equipment is deployed on the site to neutralise the threat and make your premises safe undercover surveillance.

23. What are our Electronics Bug Sweep Detection Services—India?

When under a severe bugs threat contact our crack electronics bug sweep detection services. We check all critical areas and an advanced bug detection team with anti-electronic surveillance systems, solutions and services suggestions are a hand for our clients. Our team offers bug sweep or detection services all over India.

One of the best Bug Detection Services and Best Bug Detectorsare available if you contact us and fill up a short e-form to get in touch with us the rest our experts will take care of. TSCM the name guarantees!