Home Bug Sweep

Home Bug Sweep

Privacy of your home and family is the uttermost important feeling of protection where Private information in the wrong hands can damage your assets, relationships, and career. Home Bug Sweeps protect your home from Eavesdropping & Video Spying. Technological advancements have made it quite simple to install inexpensive electronic devices (bugs) to perform unlawful surveillance or ‘bugging’ at residence and vacation homes where if you suspect illicit surveillance in your home, auto, boat, or aircraft, Indiebim Home Bug Sweep restores your privacy and peace-of-mind.

Do you feel someone is watching, listening, or tracking you? Do you suspect any hidden cameras and listening/recording devices in your house, office, boardroom, or someone tapping your phones and phone lines by placing a bugging device on your GPS or audio tracking? Back of your mind, you think people might try to invade and damage your home and family privacy because of committing corporate espionage, harassment, and stalking, extortion, any divorce or custody dispute, possession of rivalry information, celebrities, high-profile or high net-worth individuals or then personal grudge situations which leads your need for Home TSCM service or a home bug sweep.

Indiebim Home Bug Sweep Include the following services:

•  Skilled TSCM Home Bug Sweep Specialist using Advance Detection Technology TSCM equipment.

•  Professional services for Home and Residential Bug Sweeps.

•  GSM, 3g & 4g cellular eavesdropping devices.

•  Wire & mic taps and telephone taps.

•  Micro wireless video devices.

•  GPS tracker and electronic eavesdropping device detection for vehicles.

•  Elicit audio or optical bugging devices.

•  Spyware/malware detection for mobile devices and computers

•  Laser or infrared eavesdropping devices.

•  Full physical and electronic TSCM / Cyber TSCM survey.

•  Wi-Fi security and Wi-Fi environment examination.

•  Locating and detecting electronic eavesdropping devices.

•  Verbal debriefs on site.

•  Product and service recommendations to improve your technical security.

Home Bug Sweep

About Indiebim

We provide professional Home bug services for corporations, businesses, government agencies and non-profits. Our highly trained skilled Home bug specialists use the most advanced TSCM equipment available. In fact, our equipment and expertise set us apart from other service providers in India.

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