IMSI Catcher Detection

IMSI Catcher Detection

Electronic eavesdropping is an open-source platform for a lot of two-way data and communication traffic, which needs to be secured. To detect these, we need a specialized device known as IMSI Catcher. It's a telephone eavesdropping device used for intercepting mobile phone traffic and also tracking location data of mobile phone usage and users. IMSI Catchers act like false cell towers that trick the victim’s device to connect to them. The communications (calls, text messages, Internet traffic, and more) are intercepted, then relayed to the target cell tower of the network carrier. To make matters worse, the victim is mostly unaware of what is happening. This cybercriminal activity is made possible due to a loophole in the GSM protocol. Indiebim recognizes the critical nature and escalating frequency of cellular surveillance attacks.

Our Indiebim TSCM experts in response, develop the capabilities to detect stingray surveillance and provide actionable real-time information to our business clients. Federal law enforcement agencies, as well as state and local agencies, use stingray devices and other forms of IMSI catcher technology as an investigative tool. Indiebim IMSI Catcher detection services are a strategically important tool for any business that may be targeted for cellular surveillance.

Choose Indiebim IMSI Catcher Surveillance Detection Services As:

•  A standalone service.

•  Detection for In-Conference Monitoring Services

•  Used in any business TSCM service and contracted Assurance package.

•  Communication Interception.

•  Location Tracking.

•  Denial of Service (DoS).

•  Cybercriminal activities due to loopholes in the GSM protocol.

•  Can detect and identify illegal IMSI catchers, cellular jamming, rogue base stations, and baseband attacks.

•  Can provide comprehensive air interface data analysis and geo referencing.

•  Mobile system architecture for on-site detection capabilities.

•  Compatible with operator redundancy and/or visualization requirements.

•  Reports provide intelligence all the way down to cell details, cell comparisons, and critical criteria editing.

•  Extracts stored data (“IMSI”) numbers and Electronic Serial Number (“ESN”) and uses this information to identify the target.

IMSI Catcher Detection

About Indiebim

We provide professional IMSI Catcher Surveillance Detection services for corporations, businesses, government agencies and non-profits. Our highly trained skilled IMSI Catcher Surveillance Detection specialists use the most advanced TSCM equipment available. In fact, our equipment and expertise set us apart from other service providers in India.

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