Mobile Virus Scan

Mobile Virus Scan

Smartphone technology is a part of our everyday lives. We share sensitive personal and confidential information and images via our personal electronic devices’ multiple times each day. We depend on our smartphones so much that most we cannot imagine life without them. In fact, now mobile devices are considered to be more than a convenience, rather they are considered to be a necessity and priority in everyday life. Corporations of all sizes rely on mobile devices to keep communications within their customers and employees; hence it makes sense to run a Mobile Virus Scan to protect any corporate data and compromising the security of the business.

The increased capability of smartphones with upgraded technologies over the years, can hack, track, cyber data tapping and monitor your electronic footprints and access the information stored on or accessed through your cell phone, smartphone, iPad, or tablet.

All your contacts, confidential messages, banking, and credit card information, photographs, websites visited and passwords, emails, browser history, user locations, call history, and use of different apps on IOS or Android can be easily monitored by an outside party through spyware or a planted device. All these interactions can leave an open and venerable trail on digital media to be hacked easily. Hire Indiebim experienced TSCM specialists to conduct a mobile virus scan who will provide the following service to your employee or corporate-owned mobile devices conveniently at your facility.

Benefits of Indiebim TSCM Mobile Virus Scan includes the following:
•  Our highly trained TSCM specialists use sophisticated malware detection software to detect and identify any level of electronic espionage on your mobile devices against viruses, spyware, trojans, and other malicious malware.
•  Cellular forensic services can be performed conveniently onsite.
•  All mobile devices are scanned in a short time frame.
•  Results are made available to you while the mobile virus scan is getting tested on the devices.
•  Our trained TSCM Mobile Virus Scan can be provided for any Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or any other smartphone or mobile devices on different operating versions.
•  The data collected, examined, investigated, analyzed, and reported through electronic mobile virus scan will reduce your future corporate risks and personal data privacy.

Mobile Virus Scan

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