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A lot of personal data is over the internet today. Posts and information regarding yourself on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Public databases like phone number, real estate ownership/address, etc. Interest groups on Facebook groups, LinkedIn interests, profiles/pages you follow on Twitter, etc. Audio, video pictures of your family, children, spouse, relatives, friends, and family members are posted online on websites. Also altered or damaging information about you that you did not post resides on the Internet. To secure all this Indiebim personal data scan uses Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to reveal your personal information that is publicly available on the Internet. Online databases, web sites, professional profiles, social media accounts.

Hire Indiebim Professionals to Perform a Personal Data Scan:

Indiebim Personal Data Scan will provide valuable information about the types and amounts of information that are publicly available. Personal data scan reports can be used to improve social media sites' privacy and security. Indiebim trained TSCM experts to detect and help with Personal data scan with the following services.

•  Our TSCM experts perform a Personal Data Scan and provide a snapshot of the information available on all public platforms. A detailed report is provided with all the investigated findings.

•  Follow on personal data scan services to provide and assist in the removal of certain types of information from the Internet.

•  Indiebim TSCM experts perform personal data scan by using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to help you to better privacy, personal security, as well as your reputation.

Residential TSCM Services

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We provide professional Personal Data Scan services for corporations, businesses, government agencies and non-profits. Our highly trained skilled Personal Data Scan specialists use the most advanced TSCM equipment available. In fact, our equipment and expertise set us apart from other service providers in India. Indiebim is a top-rated business Personal Data Scan provider.

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